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Introduction to coupons


You're going to get alot of terms and abbreviations thrown around when entering the world of coupons, so I've started a list of the most common to help guide those newbied (like I was/am!). I've asked these questions so you don't have to!

Term/acronym Explanation
$X/X this refers to the coupon amount in dollars i.e. $2 and the amount of the product you need to buy e.g. 1 - so $2/1 means 2 dollars off 1 of the product
$X/ $X $X off when you spend (wys) $X, for example Dollar General often offers $5 off when you spend $25
Bonus cash Normally refers to the cash you receive for the next spend at Rite Aid
Cashback We have a whole section dedicated to this, see here coming soon
CRT or crt specific to CVS, Cash Register Tape which are the coupons that print at the red machine, at the end of your receipt or add to your CVS card
DG Dollar General, the store
DM or dm Direct Message, on Instagram
DQ Digital Coupon, usually via the stores phone app or on a webite
ECB CVS ExtraCare or ExtraBux rewards, the money that you'll receive on your account for the next spend
GC Gift Cards
Glitch When a store or online site has a glitch you'll have to act fast. Here, something goes wrong for the store and results in a reduced price or additional points for the buyer. For example, say the store has a special offering 2 items for $250, however when you add those 2 items to the cart, it results in the total being $150 - this is a glitch. Some are honored i.e. the store dispatches, however others are cancelled before shipment. It's worth a shot
IP (or IP's or IPS) Internet Printable coupons
Money maker or just "mm" Kinda obvious, but this is where you actually come out ahead in the transaction i.e. you receive more in rewards than you paid out, sometimes you don't have anything out of pocket and get rewards
MQ Manufacturer coupon, usually found on the manufacturers website
NLA No longer available, sometimes also called "dead" i.e. the deal is dead
OOP Out Of Pocket, the amount you'll actually have to pay in cash/credit
PQ Paper coupon, found in newspapers or in-store
RA Rite Aid, the store
RMN Retail Me Not, see below for how to get the coupons
Roll Roll is the term used to describe using the previous rewards (for example CVS ExtraBux on the current transaction i.e. roll the money forward
SS Smart Source, usually with a date so 11/11 SS is the Smart Source) November 11 coupon
Stack or Stacking When you can use more than 1 coupon in a single transaction, you stack coupons i.e. many websites only allow a single coupon to be used (or even in-store), however when you stack coupons it means you can use more than one
Trans Transaction, some deals require multiple transaction i.e. trans #1 buy X, trans #2 buy Y
Wags Walgreens, the store
wys When you spend...some coupons have a requirement to spend a certain amount
YMMV Your Mileage May Vary, it means you might be able to get the deal, you might not

Where to get or clip coupons

Sunday newspapers

If you like the old school method, lots of US Sunday newspapers contain coupons which you can cut out and use - super easy!


I'd like get a list going about which newspapers have coupons, so please leave a comment below with your state, city (if you're OK with that) and the newspaper name which contains the coupons. Thanks!

Retail Me Not (rmn) coupons

If you're old school and want the paper coupons delivered to your door, check here to see if there are any local publications which provide them. Otherwise, you'll have to print them at home, [go here] ( and folow the insructions (you'll need to install the coupon software)

This one is online (like RMN above) and follows a similar principle, click here to go there.

PG Everyday

Click here print your own coupons online, same as Redplum and


Now found on the Retail Me Not website (see above), print your own coupons

Summary of Coupon websites

  1. Smart Source - (
  2. Retail Me Not - ( (formerly Red Plum)
  3. PGE Everyday - (

Dollar General

Probably the most famous in coupon circles, there are a few things you need to know about DG

  1. Coupons expire at a fixed point, so if you use one in one week, you won't have it until after the coupon expiry date - something to watch out for as they often have deals each week
  2. DG has a Saturday (usually) $5 off $25 spend, so make preparations for heading out on a Saturday
  3. See previous tip, get there early on a Saturday as some stuff gets cleaned out quickly
  4. If you're a first time Dollar General customer, you'll get a $1 off $1.01 purchase, make sure you use this before you use the $5 off 25, as you can only use 1 "off" coupon in one transaction

Tips for using coupons

  1. Start small and work your way up
  2. Be nice to the cashier at the register
  3. You can ask if something applies i.e. I thought when I purchased these items there was a discount
  4. You can change your mind if something dosen't work as expected
  5. Learning is growing


Leave a comment if there are any acronyms or things you don't understand about couponing and we'll update this page.

11/22/18 initial version
11/23/18 added Dollar General tips
11/23/18 added details of how to find RetailMeNot coupons
11/26/18 more acronyms added and changed them to alphabetical order for easier finding
12/12/18 added some more details about where to get and print coupons